Ward 3 City Council Seat Candidacy

WARD 3 COUNCIL SEAT CONCESSION BY ALLEN SWANDA. It is with humble and heartfelt appreciation that I thank each and every one of you in Ward 3 that took time to honor the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform who defend our rights of choice and the privilege to vote, as you braved the elements and cast your ballots.

It is obvious my message, my commitment and my promised dedication to serve you, the citizens in Ward 3, was not enough to  overcome my limited campaign spending.  I congratulate, Martinez-Brooks & Young on their numbers at the ballot box and wish them, and mostly the residents of Ward 3, best of luck in the April run off election.

There are many of you I want to thank personally for your support, your time, your belief in me, and your willingness to care enough to get involved in different aspects of my attempt to be your voice and representative on city council.  I knew based on funding alone, and my unwillingness to take PAC and special interest group monies, that it would be a difficult goal to victory. However, I am reminded of a saying that, ‘someone who achieved every goal for which they set in their life, never set their goals high enough and limited their own potential.’

Therefore, in defeat, I am still pleased with having stepped into the arena to have my voice heard in this great democracy of ours.  I have defended freedom as a career Army officer, voted in many elections, and even campaigned for previous candidates in national elections. Now, to have been afforded the opportunity to place my name on a ballot for public office, even in defeat, I am proud to have been given a public platform to have my views heard for my fellow citizens to make a choice.

With this, I accept the mandate of the citizens of Ward 3 and now step aside and retire from the public arena so that the remaining two candidates can voice their platform and positions from which residents will choose.

Again, I humbly thank each and every one of you.  God bless you all and God bless this great country of ours.


I am Allen Swanda, and I am running for Oklahoma City City Council, representing Ward 3.  A graduate of Moore Public Schools and Southwestern Oklahoma State University, I have spent the majority of my life in public service as a 30-year career US Army Officer.  Following my retirement from the military, I spent several years consulting in the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Thailand and for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in Southeast Asia.  I am currently retired from private business and residing with my wife, Lynn, in Westbury South, Ward 3, Oklahoma City. 

My passion and desire is to continue serving our community and fellow citizens. My promise is to provide honest, dedicated, and competent representation to all of us living in Ward 3.  I am confident my military and international work experiences and leadership in challenging, diverse, multi-cultural organizations is a perfect fit for representing the diversity found within Ward 3. 

We have several ongoing challenges within our Oklahoma City community in which Ward 3 is an active part.  Whether our challenges are the environment, infrastructure development, road maintenance, community programs, education, safety, or recreation, my promise is to represent Ward 3 in the best interest of all of its residents.  I believe it is essential to listen to my constituents and get your input on issues before the council.  While I do not promise to satisfy every individual’s challenges, I do promise my commitment and passion to work for Ward 3 as a collective whole.  When elected, as your council member if I make no positive impact for Ward 3, I will not submit for re-election at the end of the elected term. 

Allen Swanda

Providing Honest, Competent, Dedicated and Committed Representation to Ward 3